5 Freeware Applications I Use Every Day

(Ausnahmsweise in englisch…)

A couple of months ago, it was Freemacware.com who gave me the idea to publish a german blog on OS X Freeware. Now they announced a small contest amongst bloggers to publish their five favourite freeware applications.

Well, this is the time to give some feedback to Freemacware.com. These are the five freeware applications that I use daily:

1. First of all: Firefox. Sorry, Safari-guys at Apple, this is definitely the best browser around… Just add a nice theme by Arronax and it fits perfectly in your stylish apple surrounding.

2. Textwrangler is my first choice, when it comes to text editing.

3. Quicksilver. No doubt: this is the application, which changed my daily work. It is far more than just a launcher and surprises me every day with new possibilities…

4. Cyberduck: a no-frills-FTP-client, that just works…

5. Last but not least: Imagewell. My favourite screenshot tool, when there is the need for additional text. Just make a screenshot, add some text-bubble and send the picture to the next FTP-Server or simply attach to an email. Very handy!